Paul Vickers
Researcher - Composer
Sonification Standup

Paul Vickers: 25 years of working with Trees to find their voice

with Scot Gresham-Lancaster / 12 January 2015 / 30:35

A short discussion with Dr. Vickers about his very serious research and approach to sonification but also including some discussion of his recent standup routine regarding sonification as its main topic.
Paul's stand up routine

Bio: Paul is a computer scientist. Paul is a chartered engineer. He teaches and researches in the computing domain where it intersects with creative digital media, specifically in the field of sonification and auditory display. For instance, he has taught programming, introductory digital audio, and sound design; he conducts research into how to use sound to communicate data and information (sonification); and he also explores how the aesthetic properties of scientific artefacts affect how they may be used, that is, how people interact with them and the implications this has for their design.

Paul Vicker's information packed gituhb

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