Mike Winters
Composer & Theorist
Emotions and

Mike Winters: What do we feel
when we listen to Sonifications

with Scot Gresham-Lancaster / 12 May 2014 / 26:31

To quote Mike Winters from the “Project Description” of his Masters Thesis “Strategies for Continuous Auditory Display of Arousal and Valence” in which he states “Sound is capable of profound emotional experiences: one need look no further than the importance of music in film. Sonification is field of research interested in the use of sound to convey information in general, but what happens when the data is emotion?” This discussion scratches the surface of this research and starts the dialog regarding the fuzzy intersection of Art and Science that is presented when researching the techniques associated with affective computing when using data to drive emotional content systematically.

Emotion Driven Audio from IDMIL on Vimeo.

Bio: Mike Winters earned his PhD in the School of Music, in the Music Technology PhD program, in 2020. Mike's primary advisor in Music was Prof. Grace Leslie. Prof. Walker was co-advisor. Mike's research looked at the emotional and neurophysiological affects of music on the listener. Mike also has experience in music composition, sonification, musical robotics, physics, mathematics, perception, cognition and design. Mike is currently a researcher and consultant.
Emotion Sonification Project Webpage

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