Ivanna Muse
Founder of the Cambridge Creativity Lab

Ivanna Muse: From transdisciplinary spaces to Sonification

with Scot Gresham-Lancaster / 4 February 2017 / 31:58

IVANNA MUSE came to my attention from our mutual friend, Roger Malina. He had met her during a trip to MIT and thought that she might be an interesting person to interview for the "Sound and Data" channel. So this was a bit of a cold call since I was not that familiar with her work. It was amazing to find out the angle at which she is approaching this idea of "sound and data" which was so different from so many of my other guests. I was fascinated. Her Sound Cloud

Bio: Ivaana is a sound artist, music researcher and lyrical storyteller based in Cambridge, MA and founding director of Cambridge Creation Lab, an upcoming online academy that would offer cross genre and cross disciplinary courses in writing, music and the fine arts. Her project “A Square and a Half-The Colors are Sounding” was launched at the MIT Museum in October 2018 (project is a tribute to scientific research and architectural spaces, connections between art and mathematical/biological findings and the analysis and synthesis of poetic and aesthetic intuition and structured inquiry.)
A Square and a Half-The Colors are Sounding- A Tribute, By Ivaana

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