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Dave Worral: SoniPy Creator and Sonifcation Scholar

with Scot Gresham-Lancaster / 12 May 2014 / 26:31

David Worrall is a preeminent scholar regarding sonification. His doctoral thesis on the topic is one of the best resources available for anyone researching this area of study. This is an open and informal discussion of various topics related to sonification. David and Scot have known each other for decades so this an engaging and lively discussion.

Bio: David Worrall is a composer and polymedia researcher, known internationally for his music compositions for computers, traditional instruments and data sonifications. His creative practice encompasses, sound poetry, sound and polymedia installations, including the design and construction of portable event theatres, the development of software frameworks for composition, and the sonification of information in large or high-frequency multivariate datasets. He has published numerous journal articles and conference papers and several book chapters.
David has won various awards and has held composition and research fellowship positions in Australia, UK, Europe and the USA. The title of research PhD in communications is Sonification and Information: Concepts, instruments and techniques. Some of David's Sonifications

A pointer to David Worral's website

The SoniPy resource page

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