Bert Barten
Producer - Composer
Talking Trees Sonification Project

Bert Barten: 25 years of working with Trees to find their voice

with Scot Gresham-Lancaster / 12 January 2015 / 30:35

Scot Gresham-Lancaster in conversation with colleague Bert Barten to touch bases on a decade-long project called Talking Trees. Talking Trees is a collaboration between artists, musicians and scientists who aim to connect people and nature together. The idea comes from artist Bert Barten who is aware of our unnatural way of living. When the Polish government announced the senseless destruction of an ancient forest, Bert was inspired to act. He felt he must do something to make the usefulness of trees more obvious to all. Talking Trees lets people begin to intuit our connections to trees and the forests that they are a part of.
A pointer to Bert's "Talking Trees Project"

TT live DVD 7 minute intro from TALKING TREES - Bert Barten on Vimeo.

Bio: Bert Barten is a dutch musician, artist and composer. His discography includes membership in the band N.Y.X. and many other projects. He has completed work on many theatre projects such as Faust, Don Quichote, Storm, Dante and The Odyssey. Bert is also a key figure in the Talking Trees project, which translates communications between trees into musical data.

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