L. Alexis Emelianoff:
Composer and Performer
Sound of the Ether

Sounding Electrical Fields

with Scot Gresham-Lancaster / 12 January 2015 / 30:35

A discussion with L. Alexis Emelianoff about her use of detectors to sonify invisible electromagnetic fields that surround all of us. Her specially designed interfacess allow audiences to experience the sounds of electromagnetic fields that she moves through with purposeful gestures. Sonifying the invisible for the ears of the audience. as its main topic.

Fuel (Alimentation) 2012 from Alexey Samovarsky on Vimeo.

Bio: L. Alexis Emelianoff is a sound artist based in Montréal, Canada, inventing and performing with acoustic and electronic instruments. Her approach is highly divergent and dependent on exploration in material research and physics; temperature changes, magnetism, and water conductivity have all animated installations. She designs systems to allow the ‘breakthrough’ of the electrical medium and its sonic form, whether periodic, arrhythmic, abrasive, obstinate... these are the expressive traits of the activity present behind walls and in objects of utility. Current projects include hybrid sound output systems and adapting the Western piano to Persian music. She has performed in Canada, Europe and the United States, including the MuSA Symposium for Sonic Arts (Germany), Columbia University New York, the Banff Centre, and the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT) at UC Berkeley; and has published in Leonardo Music Journal. She was involved with the Topological Media Lab and the Balinese Gamelan group Giri Kedaton. Collaborators include Florian Grond, Adrian Freed, Ramin Zoufonoun, Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski and Amir Amiri.
Currently Alexis is a member of the research organization CIRMMT and an invited member of the media arts collective Perte de Signal.

L. Alexis Emelianoff's website

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